08 May 2006

Heaven's just a funky mousse*

I have a confession to make: I don't frequent the part of the chilled dairy section in the supermarket where one finds products like National Foods' "YoGo" - the sort of thing Americans call "pudding". Hence I have already missed the arrival of Nestlé Heaven mousse, which joins Nestlé regular (no sub-brand) mousse and Nestlé Milo Mousse in the... mousse category? There's now more mousse in the dairy cabinet than in the Canadian Rockies!

Is there room for three different mousses (meesse?) from Nestlé? Are they optimally positioned for different target segments, and are their value propositions sufficiently distinct? Time will tell, I guesse.

*If you're wondering about the title for this entry, it's a variation on a well-known misheard lyric from the song Don't Stop Believin', the 1981 hit from power ballad specialists Journey (see Google search here).

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