19 January 2015

This brand name left me unmoved

I saw a moving van over the weekend bearing the name ACCURATE REMOVALSIt seemed like an odd sort of brand name, and it prompted me to wonder what happens when you use a less accurate removal company. So here are the Top 5 things that came to my mind...

  • Your furniture is beautifully packed and handled, but delivered to the wrong address.
  • On average, 17.3% of items miss the front door entirely and end up in the garden due to inaccuracy.
  • "Melbourne, Australia? Oh wow, we shipped your stuff to Melbourne, Florida!"
  • "Your refrigerator must have expanded in the heat, because we measured this doorway and it was definitely three-and-a-bit handspans."
  • "Sorry your stuff's all wet. We misjudged the height of that railway bridge by - I dunno - 20 or 30 centimetres and tore the top off the truck."
Realistically, is being an accurate removalist a serious basis for differentiation?

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