12 April 2006

Which bank dictates mindless service scripts to front-line staff?

Another Commonwealth Bank encounter of note (different branch). It's a quiet time, mid-morning, two tellers free and no-one in the queue. One teller makes eye contact as I walk in the door and watches, smiling, as I walk the length of the branch and up to her window.

TELLER: Thank you for waiting.

ME: But I didn't have to wait - you saw me walk in. Have you been told you have to say that to customers?

TELLER: [Embarrassed nod and laughter]

At a personal level, a positive and empathic moment. From the perspective of a customer of the bank, a perfect example of non-discretionary scripting of the service encounter that leads to perceptions of what Lovelock et al call "mindless service performance".

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Anonymous said...

Spot on! I also hate being asked "Can I do anything else for you today?". I feel like taking a canvas bag so that I can reply, "Fill this!".