11 April 2006

Which bank stalks its own customers?

NEWSFLASH: The Commonwealth Bank is considering installing tougher security screens in its branches… to protect its customers from rabid bank tellers making frenzied and uninvited attempts to “upsell” financial services.

Last week, the guy ahead of me in the queue at my local branch was browbeaten by a teller in full hearing of other customers, despite making it clear that he was just there to deposit a cheque: “I see you have a very large balance in your account. Would you like to speak to someone about investments? What about a term deposit? Speak with a financial planner? What about insurance? Business accounts?” No thanks, but where do I go to take out an intervention order?!

Memo Ralph Norris and Michael Cameron at CBA: As a sales technique, this has the same predicted success rate as spam email ads for Viagra. As a relationship-building technique, it's the equivalent of stalking.

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Anonymous said...

I also felt stalked by the CBA, as a result of which I took my $$ elsewhere. Up until that point I had been reasonably happy with the CBA - apart from the generous offers to increase my credit limit every time I paid off my mastercard, 'No thanks, I can get myself into quite enough trouble now'.
On the day in question I was asked if I'd like to have a financial planner contact me. I was silly enough to say 'ok' - at which point she asked me to write my name and contact details on a piece of paper (the very same details she had on her computer screen - this occurred to me a few moments later though). As I began to write my details she fired a barrage of questions at me including: Are you married? How much do you earn? (!) 'None of your *&^@&^ business!'
Oops. I don't like being profiled and the deliberate attempt to distract made it worse.
CBA won't get their creepy hands on my dosh again.